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These trees are sold to student housing
But tell their memoirs to the night
The moon dapples little dances on the sidewalk and
Keeps me hanging on the sight
My mind is heavy from feel of fever
My feet refuse to move in time
My eyes are foreigners
this place is peculiar
and gives grace for intimate design

Lover we are lost
Lover we are lost
Lover let’s stay lost tonight
I drank the purple of a midnight
It ran my veins and inked my skin
It wrote that I would never leave this feeling
Or see a smile again
But I dream in daisy yellow
And I see it painted in the sun
I walk the sorrow out with every footstep
My dreaming blurs, the colors run
Lover we are lost
Lover we are lost
Lover let’s stay lost
tonight the lily pads will stand as
risers for a choir of frogs to open for
the greatest show these
Woods have ever seen when all the
Pines are sliced and lined and stacked
their sap will glow like diamonds but
right now they watch in jealousy of jewels
that we create
this little lot will be apartments by the
time that you return so let’s make
holy of that heresy and consecrate their birth
I say goodbye to all the wandering
and all to that I cling
If there is only now this moment
Let’s be lost in everything