1. In the Evening

From the recordings Slowly (Single) and Influences

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In the Evening

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Oh sometimes I gotta look at the day
you got a mighty full schedule... I don't want t' get in the way
but in the evening... it's by design. When I hold you...I know that you're mine.

Yeah sometimes you're out by six. I don't sit there waitin' but the hours don't go by quick! In the evening, it's all fine 'cause when I hold you, I know that you're mine..


Well I won't worry, I won't call
I'll mind my business, I got my own after all
When it's all over
when we come undone
I'll be having you over for some hard earned fun

and in the morning,
I'll be gone, too.
Sometimes you might wonder if I'll be coming home to YOU, but in the evening
They close down the stores
and when I hold you, you know that I'm yours. Oh, when you hold me, I know that you're mine......