From there to here

Born in Tallahassee and raised in Ft Lauderdale, Hillman began singing in a church choir at the age of twelve and, upon moving to Tallahassee, started private voice lessons at thirteen. She was accepted at FSU for vocal performance, but did not complete the degree. Her first studio album was recorded at ETHNIKIDS studio by Julian De La Cruz in 2015 and features sweet vocals and minimal guitar arrangements. She began performing in North Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

Hillman began guitar lessons with Christopher Seepersaud and, after some encouragement, began developing her lead playing. In 2018 she recorded "Roadie" at Cat Family Studios and, with the overhead, toured more extensively and moved to Nashville for six months. While there, she reapplied to complete her FSU degree and in 2019 joined an FSU jazz band as a guitarist. Her latest release, "Slowly" was recorded at Gasoline Alley by Kyle Aligood and features more improvisation and arrangement, with more jazz influence. You can hear the full album, "Influences" across all streaming platforms.