Rachel Hillman is an American songwriter that composes in English and Spanish with influences from blues, jazz, and other American folk styles. In college, she studied vocal performance and Spanish before leaving school to pursue guitar by performing in jam bands influenced by Irish trad, United States blues, jazz, and funk, and Latin American folk styles, and gigging across the Florida panhandle. In 2018, Hillman returned to Florida State University to continue her education in jazz and improvisation, and since her graduation has continued to perform her music regionally with bands, tour as a solo musician, and play with the Tallahassee Swing Band and other groups. Hillman is an independent artist, and she has recorded with ETHNIKIDS studios (“Bonfire” 2016), Cat Family Records (“Roadie” 2018), Log Cabin Studios (“Take it Back” 2017), and Gasoline Alley (“Influences” 2020, “Cold Feet” 2020, and collaborations with Sinner’s Gospel and Edessa).